Animal Cruely case with a somewhat happy ending

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If a cat has nine lives, then this poor little kitty, a Tortie Point Himalayan, abandoned by its owners and left to die when they moved out of their apartment, must only have one life left.  It is estimated that the cat was left alone for almost 3 weeks with no food or water until the landlord found her in the empty apartment cowering in a closed cupboard.  When the landlord finally tracked down the former owners all they had to say was “Oh, she’s not dead yet”?

When she was picked up by the animal control officer she was so emaciated and dehydrated, she remained at the vets for 3 weeks. Weighing in at only 4.2 LBS, she was given intravenous, antibiotics, 4 small meals a day, supplements, TLC and then love from a foster home. She was then brought to Animal Adoption Montreal’s (AAM) cat shelter “Chatopia”


When we first met the cat, the first thing she did was purr with our touch. Maggie, president of AAM  succumbed to tears in front of the vet staff as she knew this cat had certainly endured so much but had refused to give up....this is how she earned her name   "Espoir" (French for Hope) and she has certainly given proof positive that love conquers all!

This poor little cat is about 4 years old, spayed and has been fully vaccinated. Over $600 in medical bills was spent vaccinating her and testing her for FIV, Leukemia and parasites. All the tests proved negative and now she needs lots of TLC and a new home.

For the longest time she was resting comfortably in a large crate at Chatopia, would venture out when it was very quiet and would retreat with any sudden sound. She was fine around other cats but struggled with any quick movements from the volunteers. After many months she now roams free, loves the other cats, is affectionate with the volunteers and loves to plays with her favourite toys. When we arrive in the morning she is the first one wanting affection.  Before we get her adopted out she needs to have major  dental and gum work done, but we are unable to afford the costly surgery.  We need donations from the public so we can get this surgery done and get her into a great home. If anyone deserves it she does.  Donations for Espoir can be made by mailing to:





H4P 2A6

Please make checks payable to Animal Adoption Montreal


You can also go to our website at and click on “make a donation” and donate via PayPal or with a credit card.


Animal Adoption Montreal (AAM) is a registered not-for-profit pet adoption organization dedicated to working with purebreds and purebred rescues. We survive solely on private donations and we are also looking for new volunteers to help us. We are based in Montreal, and have placed over three thousand animals since December of 2005! All of our animals our fully vaccinated and sterilized prior to adoption.  An adoption charge of $200 is required should you want to adopt one of our cats. The money pays for food and medical bills for animals in our shelter. For more information please contact Richard at 514-236-4584

Our “Chatopia” facility is a wonderful, no-kill cat shelter located at 7340 Mountain Sights, near the Montreal SPCA, and caters to purebred cats. Except for special cases, cats roam freely in comfortable surroundings and are well taken care of daily by our dedicated volunteers. Please help!


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