Empress Cultural Centre waiting for funding so construction can begin

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About a dozen years after launching their project, members of the board of directors of the Empress Cultural Centre in NDG are keeping their fingers crossed, in anticipation of important news about construction funding from the federal and provincial governments coming through this year.

The board recently sent off an application to Quebec, and was last week completing one to Ottawa, for a total of around $9 million, to renovate and transform the former Empress Theatre/Cinema V on Sherbrooke Street across from NDG Park into a multifunctional centre for performing arts. "An application has already been made to the provincial government, and there's a new grant available from Heritage Canada, so an application will be made," says Necdet Kendir, a Sherbrooke Street merchant and Empress board member, who has been spearheading the effort almost from the start. "I think the grants are available as of April 1," he says. "That's for the construction and renovation of the whole building. So this is the stage where we are at. Everything is in place. We're just waiting for the money to come. We just have to wait."

Built in 1927 as a venue for burlesque and first-run films, the Empress became the Hermes/Cinema V, an art-movie house, starting in the late 1960s, and then a repertory theatre for second-run movies from the 1970s until 1992 when it closed.

Under the former administration of Montreal mayor Pierre Bourque and Vision Montreal city councillor Sonya Biddle, the City purchased the building in 1999. While over the years the vacant Empress, designed in an Egyptian art-deco style, fell into disrepair, there has been at least one attempt to revitalize it.

Although an initial stage of the Empress's restoration started under a different board, they did not have the endorsement of the Borough of Côte des Neiges-NDG, as is the case now. The Empress Cultural Centre will be a multipurpose complex aimed specifically at English-speaking Montrealers.

When completed, it will be devoted to performance and visual arts. The project will include a 350-seat main theatre, rehearsal and creation spaces with seating for more than 100, a 50-seat cabaret hall, a large studio, two medium-sized ones for music, an art gallery, and administration offices for the centre and its partners.

The Empress will have two resident professional theatre companies: Geordie Productions and Black Theatre Workshop. The McGill Conservatory plans to use the Empress's studio and performance space for its music education program for the community. In addition, all of the Empress's spaces will be available to artistic, cultural and community goups.

Organisations: Empress Cultural Centre, Empress Theatre, Geordie Productions and Black Theatre Workshop McGill Conservatory

Lieux géographiques: Sherbrooke Street, Quebec, Ottawa Montreal

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Derniers commentaires

  • Emmanuel Hessler
    16 janvier 2011 - 18:44

    You can watch a music video that I made that is about the Empress Theatre, its history, and its many uses. The music was written by local NDG artist and musician Scott MacLeod for a short documentary about the theatre that will be ready in the spring of 2011. Please watch the video here: http://www.bisfilms.com/blog/?p=846 Feed back is welcome!

  • anne clark
    17 février 2010 - 14:18

    It would be wonderful to have this space opened to the NDG public again! It would absolutely revitalise this section of Sherbrooke Street, and provide a wonderful cultural centre for the community.

  • anne clark
    10 février 2010 - 12:55

    It would be wonderful to have this space opened to the NDG public again! It would absolutely revitalise this section of Sherbrooke Street, and provide a wonderful cultural centre for the community.

  • Arlyle Waring
    10 février 2010 - 11:46

    The collective fingers of all NDGers must be crossed in anticipation of good news. Hats off to all of those who have been involved in bringing this valuable community asset back to its glory! The commitment and persistence of the "Empress supporters" over the years has been remarkable. We owe them all much thanks.

  • james richards
    10 février 2010 - 11:46

    for more information on the project visit their website: http://www.empresscentre.org